Name:                    Jason Sanservino
    School:                   Union County Magnet High School
    Subject:                  History
    Classroom/Bldg.:    Room 117/Magnet
    Phone Ext:              x255
    BA in Political Science, MA in Education Administration, Certified Trainer in Thinking Maps

    18 Years in Education (16 in this district and 2 at Bergen Academies).

    Former Class Advisor and Intramural Instructor.  Current HIB Specialist and member of the ScHip Committee   
    Prior to education, I worked 2 years at the law firm currently known as Day Pitney.


    Previously taught:

    • AP European History    - Magnet 
    • AP Government            - Magnet
    • US History II                 - Magnet, APA, Allied Health, AIT, UCTech
    • US History I                  - UCTech
    • World History                - UCTech
    • Mass Media                   - Adult High School Summer Program
    • Film&Genre                  - Elective for all campus

    For the 2018-2019 School Year (__ students):
    Magnet Juniors (78)   UCTech Juniors (_)   Film Class (18)

    A1/2 US II - RM 117 B1/2 US II - RM 117  
    A3/4   B3/4    

    Duty - AIT Gym/Outside for 1st half of year

    2nd Half - Computer Lab Rm 231

    B5 Duty - Testing/Silent Study Room 117  
    A7/8 Film&Genre - RM 117 B7/8 Film&Genre - RM 117  
    US II - RM 117 B9/10 US II - RM 117  

    908-889-3822 X255
    My Office is in the Downstairs Magnet Faculty Room or RM 117