AG ED NJ  
    Name: Ms. Bonnie Baldasare
    School: UCVTS
    1. Sustainable Food Systems: includes Plant Science A 1-2 Room 338
    2. FFA Advisor  Room 338 6th period
    3. In-Class Support, A 3-4, A 7-8, B 1-2, B 3-4, B 7-8 various buildings & rooms  
    Classroom: Room 338 A 1-2 & Co-Period 6 
    Phone Ext: 312 Accepts only Voice Mail
        Welcome to Agricultural Education at UCVTS!
       Sustainable Food Systems, gaining an insight into plant science,
    in order to have the opportunity learn about and to grow vegetables and other plants.
    Aeroponics Unit
    The Food, Agriculture & Natural Resources Program of Study, at UCTech, is the Sustainable Sciences Academy.