Club Name: Dance Club
    School:  APA
    Advisor:  Dawud Jackson
    Classroom/Bldg.:  Dance Studio D-118
    Phone Ext:  712


    Dance Club is a student run club that brings students from across the entire UCVTS campus together to share their love for dance, through dance classes, workshops, performances. No prior dance experience required, just have a love for dance. All styles of dance explored.

     Dance Club meets on Mondays, 3-4:15pm in the Academy for the Performing Arts building studio D room 118 on the first floor.

    Dance Club is a student lead club, providing students with the opportunity to share their love for dance with their peers. Students get the opportunity to explore all forms and styles of dance. Club members get to teach a style or choreograph dances for members. Dance Club aspire to share their talent and creativity with the UCVTS campus and the surrounding community.


    Dance is a unique medium for learning about yourself and the world. It is an essential component of artistic, aesthetic, and cultural education through physical non-verbal communication. Dance functions as an artistic endeavor, as social discourse, as physical exercise, and as an integral part of cultures and rituals. Dance education provides students another medium to explore, create, problem solve, and communicate. It fosters the core values of compassion, honesty, fairness, responsibility and respect. Dance education helps students develop confidence and other skills that are transferable to different disciplines and to their daily lives.