• The ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY program continues to be one of the most sought after courses at UCTECH. This program prepares the student to enter the industry as an electrical apprentice in a variety of residential,commercial and industrial settings. Students in the ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY program are taught residential, commercial and industrial wiring consistent with the National Electrical Code. Electrical and job safety and the proper use of tools and equipment are stressed throughout the program. Instruction ranges from electrical theory to the installation and repair of various power apparatus, relays, motor controls, conductors, circuits, generators,switching devices, data communication, networking, solar power equipment installation, fiber optics and robotics. Students will be able to interpret the National Electric Code, apply Ohm’s Law, read schematics and blueprints, understand environmental factors, use various measuring devices and develop skills to design, lay out and wire light circuits for home and industry. 
    Students will also learn about GREEN TECHNOLOGIES such as solar energy. They will have the opportunity to work with solar panels which can be used to recharge batteries and convert DC current to AC current. Students will also learn how the proper conservation of power can ensure a commercial or residential facility uses its energy resources most efficiently. Many graduates continue their education in approved apprenticeship programs or pursue college degrees in Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering or other related areas.