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    Name: Surabhi Marathe
    School: UCTECH
    Classroom/Bldg.: 338 / West Hall
    Extra Help : In room 338 from 7:30 onwards and by appointment
    Phone: 908-889-8288 Ext. 892
    Courses Taught
                          Welcome to my webpage.  I am very excited to welcome you all, whether it is your first year at UCVTS or you are just glad to be back. I hope everyone here had a exciting, productive and fun summer. I am very excited to be teaching at UCVTS. I come with a very varied background that includes teaching, tutoring and a decade spent doing educational research. I have a BS in Human Biology and Biophysics, a MS in Biotechnology and a MA in Science Education. I have taught in high schools for the past three years and at college level for many years before that. 
                          I teach six different courses here at the Sustainable Science Academy. For detailed information about your course click on the tab that has your course name. Please check your class webpage and your google classroom to keep up with what is going on in class.
    General class rules

    Follow all school rules.

     Treat everyone and their time with respect

    Leave your cell phones in the cell phone jail please. 


    • Goggles on, long hair tied up, you need to wear close toed shoes. 
    • Absolutely no horseplay /inappropriate behavior.
    • If you break the rules above, you will have to sit out the lab and lose points .
    • Clean up after yourself. If you leave a mess, you will lose points.
    • Put equipment back where you found it.

     Items to bring to class EVERYDAY to ensure success

    • Your textbook (must be covered).
    • Chromebook
    • 3-ring binder with loose leaf paper
    • Pencil
    • 1-subject notebook 
    • Highlighter
    • A box of colored pencils

    Homework Policy:

    Homework is an integral part of your learning experience.  Plan to complete your homework on the day it was assigned.  This will give you an additional day to seek help if needed.  Your homework grade will be based on randomly collected homework, and homework based assignments. Homework must be turned in by the due date at the start of the class period or you will not earn credit for the assignment.  You will receive a zero.

    Homework assignments and scheduled test dates will be posted online in our google classroom.

    Sometimes homework will involve watching a video/ completing a reading. It is expected that you come to class ready to discuss the video/reading.

    Late Assignment Policy:

    Place assignments in the “Homework Bin” located in the classroom on the day it is due

    For each day (calendar day not block) that a major assignment (labs/projects) is late you will lose 20% of the grade. Assignments will not be accepted once it is over a week overdue. If you have a valid reason for the delay, discuss it BEFORE the assignment is due and get it approved by the teacher.

    Tests and quizzes

    Study hard, do it right the first time.

    If you are coming back after a long illness, talk to me. I may give you extra time, with in reason. In my experience, the later you take an exam the worse you do.

    Pop quizzes will ALWAYS be open notes. Take good notes, keep them organized and keep them with you.

     Absences and makeup work

    You are expected to make up all assignments and obtain notes when you are absent.  All assignments are due on the day you return to school.  All individual and group tasks completed in class or assigned for homework that are not made up will result in a zero.

    You should check the website/google classroom for missed work.  You can do this from home. It allows you to keep up with school even when you are absent. As a backup, a folder with any handouts missed during an absence can be found next to the homework bin.  As soon as you return from an absence, pick up any missed assignments.

     Absent students are to be prepared to makeup all missed tests, and quizzes on the day they return to school.  All tests and quizzes not made up will result in a zero.

     If you are absent and/or sick, time will be given to make it up. It is your responsibility to see the teacher about make-up work.